Our Ethos

Our Ethos

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February 17, 2021

Written by Francois Malan

What we do

People orientated Architecture. We build relationships with our clients to understand their culture, ethos & expectations. Our architecture provides enough freedom for its users to express their own creativity and ingenuity. Each project is a new opportunity for us to learn and discover ways to shift the boundaries of the ordinary to the extraordinary. An Architecture without formula or predetermined style, a new tailored solution for every project. 

How we do it:

Our design studio is themed the Frequent Meeting Space where collaboration, research and learning is advocated as the only way to better solutions in pursuit of the extraordinary. The FMA team is led by Francois Malan who collaboratively work with a team of enthusiastic designers and technicians. We adopted the methodology of building models, sketching and debating the relevance of our design and technical decisions before any concept is translated to precision electronic media.      

Why we do it.

A passion for Architecture and Urban Design fuels our goal to make a difference in the way people experience built form in our diverse context. Everyone is affected by architecture in some way and we realize the importance it has on everyday life. Architecture that positively influences human life is our greatest achievement.     

Social responsibility

People, Nature, the Urban Environment & Economy. We evaluate the impact of any design decision through the lens of this commitment. We strive to deliver solutions that enhances the Human experience, have a closeness to Nature, a positive impact on the Urban Environment and can be regarded as a continuously growing Asset.